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We Can Bring Out Your Pet's Inner Beauty

Why Choose Us?

Attor Studio Pet Photography is driven by its passion for art and animals and the benefits of pet photography.

There are many aspects of Attor Studio Pet Photography worth noting, such as our approach, which is to unveil a still that is creative, artistic, and personalized. In essence, you will receive a unique piece of art that will capture the spirit of your pet.

We take an artistic approach with the entire process. We get to know your pet intimately and design the set according to his or her personality.

We use cutting-edge image capturing that is used by professional wildlife photographers. This ensures that every gesture is captured, and it also gives you and our photographer more choices.

One thing that needs to be highlighted is our printing practice. We want you to be pleased with our work and feel at peace with the final product , that's why we print every piece ourselves. This the only way to ensure that your art piece will be crafted to perfection .The print is the final product of the entire process and photographers who use external printing services have no control over it. We use only Fine Art archival papers that are meant to last a lifetime and capture color like no other material. These prints are exceptionally detailed. The paper used is buffered and acid-free, which ensures noticeable color gamut and high D-Max. In essence, you can expect museum-grade image printing from our team because we feel our customers deserve this.

You should also know that the photographer at Attor Studio Pet Photography has been working with pets for a very long time. He was an exceptional Veterinarian and dog breeder. He has worked professionally with a variety of animals, so it does not matter what kind of pet you have. He pursued these ventures because he cares for animals and values the beauty of all creatures. This makes Attor Studio Pet Photography a wise choice

The Importance of a Photograph

A photograph is more than just a frozen moment in time; a photo can come to life and become a living memory as it stimulates the brain. You share many memories with your pet, so seeing a picture of him or her can help maintain cognitive functioning.

Print is Still Better Than Digital

You have probably taken a few digital pictures with your smartphone or another device. There is nothing wrong with this, but you should not forget about the power of professional portraits. Not only are professional portraits great additions for a home, but they could help your entire household. Studies show that seeing a photo of something positive, like your pet, can lift the spirits.

Some people might think they can get this benefit by simply looking at digital photographs, but the study shows that the brain reacts stronger to the physical presence of a photograph.

Another thing that should be noted is a cute or adorable pet capture may help the mind focus. This is likely because a photograph has the ability to boost your mood, which means the brain releases neurotransmitters like dopamine or serotonin. These chemicals help relieve stress that can cloud the mind.

There are a number of reasons you should opt for a few professional prints. Besides, you know you love your pet, and he or she deserves a permanent capture hanging on the wall.