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What to expect from your photo session

A moment shared in our photo studio will surely make for timeless memories for you and, hopefully, your beloved pet. It is a rare chance to be savored as it's not every day that you get into a photo shoot with your furry companion. Every single one of our sessions is tailor-made in such a unique and eccentric way that your prominent attributes will stick out like a sore thumb. Using a variety of lighting techniques and methods, an assortment of lenses, backgrounds and lights, every picture will provoke new sensations and dimensions you never knew existed before.

Where The Rubber Meets The Road

When it comes to photography, everything comes together with perfect lighting, and the key is to favor substance over form. Vlad Kamenski -who is our photographer in chief, delivers pure master class with every snap he takes, almost like a genie, but with a bucketful of wishes. Using a total of 7 Profoto heads, his amazing talent has earned him recognition in renowned Profoto blogs. For easy reference go to the Profoto blog.

Around The World In A Single Flash

It will surely come as a surprise to you when, after a single photo shoot, you'll have so many delightful photos to choose from. You'll certainly fall in love with our eccentric fine art.

Our Private photo sessions start at 199$ . Session fee does not include digital files prints or other products .This fee includes only the following: photographers talent experience and time , concept and lighting set up before the session, studio usage fee, equipment usage and amortization

All the products are available for purchase separately

Packages starts at 659$. We also offer commercial animal photography. Contact the studio for more information.

Photo Session-Main Coon!

Here is a sneak preview of a typical 90 min photo shoot of an adorable main coon cat!

Photo Session-Labradoodle!

Here is a sneak preview of a typical 90 min photo shoot of a cute doodle with her owner!