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“The Boxer was developed in Munich, Germany, toward the end of the 19th century. Aiming to produce a medium-sized security dog, breeders combined the Bulldog with the mastiff-type Bullenbeisser. The breed was first registered in Germany in 1904 but attracted little notice until the end of World War I when returning soldiers brought several of the handsome dogs back to this continent.


The character of the Boxer is of utmost importance. The dog should be alert and fearless, willing to make friends but not effusive. He is fundamentally playful with family and friends, yet patient with children. His intelligence and loyal affection make him a fine companion.

Activity Level

A spirited pet, often with a sense of humour, the Boxer enjoys a good romp, but when necessary, he can display constrained animation. Regular outdoor exercise should be part of his daily regime.


Adult Boxers range from 21-24 in (53-61 cm) at the withers.


The typical Boxer coat is short, shiny and lies smooth and tight to the body.


The colours are fawn or brindle, usually with white markings. A black mask on the face is required.


The sleek coat is easily maintained by a weekly rubdown with a bristle brush.”

(Source-Canadian Kennel Club)