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Cane Corso

Cane Corso

“A modern descendant of the ancient Molossus dog, the Cane Corso is a medium-sized mastiff breed. Its ancestry dates back to AD 600 in its native Italy where it was originally used for hunting large game. The breed has also been employed as a cattle drover. The Cane Corso was first officially recognized by the Italian Kennel Club in 1994.

The Cane Corso is the direct descendant of the ancient Roam molosser dogs. In the past, the breed was common throughout Italy, but is now found in the provinces of Foggia and Bari. His name derives from the Latin “cohors”, which means “protector, guardian of the farms, courtyards and enclosed property. The breed first appeared in the  sixteenth century and was used for hunting and guard duties.

General Appearance

Medium to large sized dog. Robust and sturdy, nevertheless elegant.Lean, with powerful long muscles.


The Cane Corso is a highly trainable dog with a quiet working demeanour. It is a natural guard dog and is regarded as very intelligent.Guardian of property, family and livestock; extremely agile and responsive. In the past, it has been used for herding cattle and hunting big game.

Activity Level

The Cane goes about its business with a certain air of purpose. It has a somewhat relaxed outlook on life. However, it needs daily outdoor exercise to maintain its well-muscled body and free-flowing gait.


The strongly built Cane Corso stands 22-26.5 in (56-67 cm) tall at the withers and may weigh from 84-110 lb (38-49.5 kg).


The coat is short, dense and harsh to the touch.


The breed may be black, blue, fawn, stag red or any of these colours brindled.


A hound mitt, bristle brush or rubber curry comb will remove dead hair and keep the coat neat and healthy.”
(Source-Canadian Kennel Club)