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Chihuahua Short Coat

Chihuahua Short Coat

“The origin of the world’s smallest dog is one of the world’s biggest puzzles. Some say its ancestors lived in Egypt some 3,000 years ago and point to mummified remains of small dogs. Others state that the Chihuahua was domesticated in Mexico prior to 1519 and played a part in religious ceremonies. They believe the dogs were taken back to Spain after the Spanish Conquest and then spread throughout Europe and the Mediterranean. And finally, it has also been theorized that the breed was brought to Mexico by Chinese traders. Take your choice. Whatever the breed’s beginnings, it was discovered late in the 19th century by American tourists in Mexico who took some of these dogs back to the States and it is from these that the breed developed. They were named for the Mexican state, Chihuahua, where they were found.


Alert and spirited, the Chihuahua is personality in a small package. The Chihuahua may become very attached to its owner and willing to please.

Activity Level

This swift-moving little dog with its saucy expression, rounded skull and flaring ears is so small that it can get the exercise it needs just by running around the house or apartment.


The diminutive dog may weigh from 1-6 lb (.5-3 kg) but dogs weighing 2-4 lb (1-2 kg) are preferred.


In the Smooth, the coat should be soft in texture, close and glossy.


Any colour is permitted – solid, marked or splashed.


Grooming needs are minimal.

Coat and Colour
In the smooth, the coat should be soft in texture, close andglossy. (Heavier coats with undercoats permissible). Coat placed well over body with ruff on neck, and more scanty on head and ears.
A solid colour. Marked-a solid colour with markings of another solid colour(s). Splashed-irregular, patched solid colour on white orwhite on solid colour.”

(Source-Canadian Kennel Club)