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Dogue de Bordeaux

Dogue de Bordeaux


This ancient French mastiff breed first came to the attention of North Americans when it starred in the hit movie Turner and Hooch with Tom Hanks. In olden days, the Dogue de Bordeaux was used as a fighting dog and pitted against bears, bulls and wolves. It was believed to have been brought into the Bassin Aquitain by the Romans. Now it enjoys a gentler lifestyle as a guardian of the home.


The Dogue de Bordeaux assumes guardian duties with vigilance and courage but without aggressiveness. An even-tempered breed that enjoys human companionship, these dogs become very loyal to their families.

Activity Level

Calm and quiet by nature, the Dogue de Bordeaux benefits from regular exercise and enjoys long walks with its owner.


Similar in size and conformation to the Bullmastiff, the Dogue de Bordeaux averages about 27 in (69 cm) in height and weighs approximately 120 lb (54 kg).


The coat is short and smooth.


The Dogue de Bordeaux is distinguished by its attractive colouring that may be mahogany (red-brown), fawn or golden. Some dogs may have black masks but the red mask is more historically correct and preferred.


Grooming is minimal.