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Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer

“The largest of the three Schnauzer breeds, the Giant Schnauzer is believed to have originated in the area around Munich, Germany. Over the years, it has been known as the Münchener Dog and the Riesenschnauser. From the 15th century, these dogs were used to drive cattle, but almost faced extinction when the Machine Age made their services unnecessary. Thanks to its reputation as a guardian and to the efforts of a few breed fanciers, the Giant was kept alive. The breed was believed to have been composed of a variety of other large breeds, including Great Danes, Bouviers and some shepherd breeds, but when the resultant dog resembled the Standard Schnauzer, that breed was crossed in to reinforce the type and the name changed to Giant Schnauzer. The breed served with valour during two world wars and as security and police dogs.


The Giant Schnauzer is sound and reliable in temperament. Intelligent and easily trained, the Giant is deeply loyal to its family.

Activity Level

Spirited and alert, the Giant is amiable in repose and a commanding figure when aroused. Both playful and watchful, he makes a fine family pet in suburban or country settings where he has ample room to run.


The handsome bearded fellow measures 25.5-27.5 in (65-70 cm) at the shoulder. Females will be 2 in (5 cm) less.


The coat is close, strong, hard and wiry, being short on the ears, skull and throat and slightly longer on the legs and under the chest, with a beard and eyebrows adding to the rectangular look of the head. There is a soft, dense undercoat.


The Giant Schnauzer may be a deep solid black or salt-and-pepper in colour.


For show purposes, the coat should be hand-stripped to maintain correct pattern and texture. Pets may be clipped for convenience but, in time, this will change coat texture from harsh to medium soft.”
(Source-Canadian Kennel Club)