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Gordon Setter

Gordon Setter

“Developed in Scotland, the Gordon Setter was stabilized by Alexander, the fourth Duke of Gordon, between 1770 and 1820. His purpose was to create a larger, heavier setter to adapt to the rugged Scottish countryside. It’s rumoured that some Collie and Bloodhound genes went into the Gordon’s makeup. It was a Gordon that won at the world’s first dog show ,held in Britain in 1859. However, it should be noted that the competition was limited to Pointers and setters. In Britain, the Gordon Setter was among the first 46 breeds to be officially recognized and the breed was imported to this continent as early as 1840.


The Gordon Setter delights in the pleasure of being near his owners and is a devoted pet. Possessing a keen intellect and retentive memory, he’s mannerly and eager to please in the home. He may be wary of strangers.

Activity Level

This sturdy setter is capable of turning in a full day’s work in the field. Not as fast as the other two setter breeds, the Gordon is noted for its staying power and keen scenting ability. This is a breed that thrives on country living and needs lots of regular outdoor exercise.


Males will measure 24-27 in (61-69 cm) at the shoulder; females stand slightly less. Weight will range from 45-75 lb (20.5-34 kg).


Think of silk and you’ll have a good idea of the Gordon’s coat. It should be soft and shining, straight or slightly waved, with long hair on the ears, stomach, chest and backs of the legs.


The Gordon is always deep, shining coal black with tan or mahogany markings.


The coat should be brushed regularly. Some scissoring may be necessary to neaten the overall appearance. Coat should be soft and shining.”

(Source-Canadian Kennel Club)