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Persian cat

Persian cat

”Bred in a profusion of colours and patterns, the Persian cat has a long and distinguished history in the cat fancy, gracing the show halls of North America and Europe for over 100 years. Its origin is most likely Asia Minor.

The Persian has a cobby, low-slung body set on short, stocky legs. The head is round and massive in size, the short snub nose has a deep break, and the small rounded ears are set far apart and low on the head giving the appearance of a broad, alsmost level top head. But a Persian’s best attribute is huge, wide-set expressive eyes.

The coat should be long, fine in texture, full of life and should stand away from the body. An almost nonexistent neck is adorned by an immense ruff, and long tufts of hair spring from ears and feet. The long silky coat is seen in a broad spectrum of colours and patterns including solids, shadeds, tabbies, tortoiseshells and blue-creams, bicolour, calico and van patterns.

Persians cats  are renowned for their placid, gentle temperatment and for their aptitude for adjusting to any new situation. They have quiet, melodious voices. They do however, require scheduled grooming, for tangles soon develop in the hair. But this routine, far from being arduous, is enjoyed by the cat and is often instrumental in cementing the special ca/owner relationship for which the Persian breed and its owners are well known.”
(Source-The Canadian Cat Association)