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“The Schapendoes were established in the 1800s and could be found in the heathlands of the Netherlands wherever there were flocks of sheep. Shepherds valued the Schapendoes for its intelligence and the tireless pleasure it took in its work. The breed had appeared at agricultural shows but, for reasons unknown, virtually disappeared after that. During World War II, P.M.C. Toepoel, a canine authority, made an effort to re-establish the breed and bred from whatever specimens could be found. A breed club was formed in 1947, a standard set up in 1954 and recognition followed in 1971. The shaggy, lightly boned Schapendoes is related to the Bearded Collie, Puli, Polish Owczarek Nizinny, Briard and Bergamasco.

General Appearance

The Nederlandse Schapendoes is a lightly built, long coated dog witha height at withers of 16 to 20 inches (40 to 50 cm). His movement iseffortless and springy. He is remarkable jumper.


The Schapendoes is a normally and harmonically constructed herding dog with an attentive and courageous character. He is intelligent,watchful, jolly, lively, friendly and high spirited. Towards people familiar to him, he develops great affection and loyalty.

Activity Level

In his work, the Schapendoes gallops rather than trots. He is equipped with great endurance, mobility and speed, as well as a tremendous facility for jumping. Like most herding breeds, he requires and enjoys a fair amount of outdoor exercise.


Height at withers for dogs: 17 to 20 inches (43to 50 cm) and for bitches:
16 to 18 inches (40 to 47 cm)


Females range from 15-18.5 in (38-47 cm) at the withers, while males will stand from about 17-20 in (43-51 cm).


The thick, medium-length coat is lightly waved and about 3 in (7.5 cm) long. The dense hair is fine and dry. There is a soft undercoat. The Schapendoes sports a topknot, moustache and beard.


All colours are permitted, but preference is given to shades from blue-grey to black.


Regular brushing is required.”

(Source-Canadian Kennel Club)