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Standard Smooth Dachshund

Standard Smooth Dachshund

“The granddaddy of all Dachshunds was developed in Germany and used to hunt badger and fox since the 16th century. The name means “badger dog” in German and if ever a dog deserved to be designated as a terrier, it was the Dachshund since it was used to go to ground (dig) after the badger. But when Queen Victoria’s consort Prince Albert introduced the breed to Britain, “hund” was translated to mean “hound” and the breed has been classified as a hound ever since. Tenacious and keen-nosed, Standard Smooth Dachshund work in packs and are strong and fearless when sent underground to rout out the ferocious badger.


Clever, lively and courageous, the Dachshund is persistent, outgoing and doesn’t know the meaning of ‘shy.’

Activity Level

As a former hunting breed, the Dachshund likes an active lifestyle but adapts well to calmer activities. Many Dachshund owners are finding den trials (sometimes called “go-to-grounds”) an activity that comes naturally to their breed and allows them to exercise their latent talents. Though the breed does well in city or country, it needs a daily walk for exercise.


Standard Dachshunds weigh over 11 lb (5 kg). Rare indeed is the Dachshund that is a picky eater. Care should be taken that the dog does not carry excessive weight.


The smooth coat is short and shining.


As with all Dachsies, the Smooth may be one-coloured, two-coloured, dappled or striped.


The odourless, sleek, short coat requires no plucking, trimming or bathing except for the occasional dip after a roll in the mud.


Set in continuation of the spine, extending without very pronounced curvature, and should not be carried too gaily.


(which may prevent a dog from receiving any show
rating): overshot or undershot jaws, knuckling over, very loose shoulders.”

(Source-Canadian Kennel Club)