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Wire-haired Vizsla

Wire-haired  Vizsla

“One of the rarest of the recognized breeds, the Wire-haired Vizsla is fairly new on the scene. Golden-rust wire-haired pointers had their beginnings when a smooth-coated Vizsla was mated to a German Wire-haired Pointer back in the early 1900s. Pups were bred back to Vizslas to keep the distinctive colour, but only those with wire coats were used for breeding. Once the breed was stabilized, the Wire-haired Vizsla was accepted in Hungary in 1950 and granted CKC recognition in 1978. Though some have been utilized in Canada for hunting, they are rarely seen in the show ring.


A very trainable dog, the Wire-haired Vizsla is gentle-natured and tuned to its owner’s moods. Sensible and docile, it makes a charming companion.

Activity Level

A versatile, medium-sized gun dog, the Wire-haired Vizsla possesses the same talents as the Smooth, but has the added protection of a harsher coat. Like most sporting breeds, he benefits from regular, outdoor exercise.


Adult males range from 22.5-25 in (57-64 cm) in height and females will stand from 21-23.5 in (53-60 cm). Dogs in good condition and substance will weigh 48-66 lb (22-30 kg).


The outer coat is coarse and hard and not long. Hair on the head is short with the exception of bushy eyebrows and a moderate beard.


The colour is a dark sandy-yellow throughout.


The harsh coat requires minimal attention.

The Vizsla (Wire-Haired) is of Hungarian origin, formed by the crossing of the Vizsla and the German coarse-haired Setter. In Hungary it was used for general-purpose hunting, but excelled as a pointer. Its keen nose and excellent swimming characteristics have brought it wide acclaim.
The Vizsla (Wire-Haired) is a medium-sized all-purpose hunting dog bred to work both fur and feather. It is a noble dog, strong in bone and well muscled. Its tough wiry coat is dark yellow in colour. This breed is characterized by a lively and intelligent expression.”