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Why Choose Us !

10 Reasons Why You Should Opt For Us !

Judging by the sparkling reviews we get from our clients, it's safe to say that our photography services are a cut above the rest. But high praises aside, it's important to walk the talk. Photography is an art, but it's a little more than that. It freezes time, capturing moments as they occur in real time, and that's how memories are preserved for the future. As a photography studio we appreciate that, even in an age where the special character of photographs has been trounced by the era of selfies and self-generated picture, it's important to have character and a sense for glamour.

1. Our photographer-in-chief Vlad Kamenski is a photographer with a solid reputation. With 11 top international awards under his belt, his capabilities know no bounds, being competent in nature photography equally as well as his expression of social imaging.

2. Besides being naturally gifted, he is the proud holder of a degree in veterinary science. Unbelievable, right? Well, his love for animals and nature in general was nurtured from a tender age, so it makes sense. That said, it is this natural inclination that makes him able to capture the sort of pet images that inspire awe and tickle the imagination.

3. We are a studio whose devoted area of specialty is anthropoid/ people photography. We showcase the mortal, human element of daily life and give it immortality through print. And even if you want to be pictured with your adorable pet, rest assured that -for a price identical to animal photography- you'll benefit greatly from the vast experience of a portraitist as well, and in riveting, indistinguishable quality too!

4. Because detail makes a huge difference, we found it expedient to have a proficient makeup artist on our payroll. Not only does the makeup process add a touch of excitement to an otherwise boring activity, but it also turns your experience into one to cherish. Take it up a notch and appear amazing as you exchange poses with your dog.

5. A complete, well-equipped studio. We are up to our ears in photo gear tailored to suit any occasion. It's pointless to pose and dress like a celebrity in front of a faulty camera. To take fine quality pictures requires state of the art light modifiers, high-tech camera lenses and superior quality flashes, and we have it ALL. In addition to that, we have top of the range color backgrounds used for shooting images for high-end magazines like Vogue.

6. Our services go for a modest price simply because we handle the printing side of it ourselves.Gone are the days of dark rooms and lining up wet paper on washing lines using pegs. However, we haven't abandoned the integrated process though. A professional photographer can only produce excellent print by forming an intimate relationship with his work, and that means doing it himself. Taking images is half the battle , coming up with great quality print takes refinement and expertise to justify the price. Unfortunately, average photographs are the norm rather than the exception. So printing is a taxing process that takes immense effort and precision, which is why some of our photographers are able to subcontract their services and secure private work.

7. We have on offer an extensive range to choose from, like 37 frame custom canvasses, 14 different wooden frames and 46 customized print sizes. We're talking about museum scale Giclee -inkejet printing that, despite its modern appeal, is durable. For the unorthodox we also have the customization option to suit unique expectations and tastes.

8. Our business is a fixed, physical address. It's fairly expansive -1400 square feet- and accessible during normal business hours. But setup a booking beforehand.

9. Located conveniently near the Gardener Highways. It's pretty straightforward , we don't hide in plain sight!

10. Free parking in front of the entrance for our loyal clients.